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The Organs is a private studio which produces cute and legal plush organs filled with love. They are a great learning tool to get to know your body from the inside, especially for kids. They can learn about the human body in a fun and interesting way.

You are probably wondering why these organs have different faces. It’s simple: organs have different moods, just like yourself. Some days you are happy, agitated or even sick. Your organs feel the same way! Sometimes your liver needs some rest and sometimes you upset her with the choices you make. Now you have the chance to meet her face to face.

All of our toys are handmade in Poland. Thanks to that our products are unique, just like our bodies. You won’t find another plush organ like it! One of our goal is also to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle.


With every purchase of a plush organ from our collection we donate 5 PLN to collect for the next plush toy, which will be delivered to children at hospitals. Together we can bring a smile to their faces during difficult times.


If you want to work with us or have any questions about our product, feel free to contact us:


We put the quality of our products above everything. That’s why our products are made of the best and safest materials from polish manufacturers. See certificates below.

Certyfikat jakości materiału - „Bezpieczny dla dziecka”
Certyfikat wypełnienia.


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